Divine Quest, 15

Which of these two states is higher - where one desires to become an intimate companion of Shri Radha or where one desires to participate in the maharasa?

One of the ways to love Shri Krishna is to do so purely for your own happiness, like Kubja. Another way is to desire both your happiness as well as Shri Krishna's, like Rukmini. However, the selfless divine love of the gopis is in a class all of its own. You see, the gopis loved Shri Krishna purely for His happiness only. Within this kind of love, there are three classes or levels, even though each one is divine, blissful and of an exceptionally high order.

One gopi desires to participate in the maharasa, whereas another wishes to become a personal maidservant of Kishori Ji. Now, despite the apparent difference, both gopis' have the same common goal of making Shri Krishna happy. The one who desires maharasa wishes to please Him through her melodious singing, her beauty and ornamentation, her intoxicating fragrance and the array of delicious dishes she has prepared for Him. Everything she does is ultimately to please Shri Krishna and to make Him happy. She has no desire for her own self-gratification. Please understand that any individual soul who desires even a hint of their own happiness is ineligible to enter maharasa, and such a gopi remains happy in the happiness of her Beloved Shri Krishna. 

Now, the gopi who desires to become a maidservant of Kishori Ji does so in order to please Shri Radha Krishna by assisting Them in Their divine pastimes. Even this gopi derives her happiness from seeing the happiness of Shri Radha Krishna. 


Many a time we observe that when a person first meets a Saint he exhibits intense devotional feelings, but after a short while these feelings quickly subside. Why is this?

The one and only reason for this downslide is that the person did not make consistent or sincere efforts to nurture those devotional feelings. He remained content with his initial feeling and lacked a genuine eagerness or hunger for more and more of those divine feelings. Nevertheless, if he were to realise the heights of his initial devotional feelings even now and sincerely practiced consistently to attach his mind to God and Guru, then it is most probable that he will regain his earlier spiritual state of mind and even surpass it.


Original answers given in Hindi by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


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