Divine Quest, 12

What is more dangerous, bhukti or mukti?

All worldly pleasures up to Brahmaloka are known as bhukti. Mukti means liberation from maya. Both are kaitava, one that deceives you, plays fraud on you and misguides you. However, mukti is the greater cheat, because if you are liberated you will never have the chance to return to this world, and in that case you will be deprived of the bliss of divine love forever. In the case of bhukti, you will remain revolving in the cycle of birth and death in this world, and therefore, it is possible that some day you may come across a Rasika Saint and by following his instructions you can finally enjoy the bliss of divine love. In this way, mukti is more dangerous than bhukti.

Both papa (a sinful act) and well as punya (a virtuous act) are dangerous. For your sins you will attain naraka or hell and for your virtuous deeds you will attain svarga or the celestial abodes. Both are transient. Devotion to God and Guru alone can help you achieve your goal.

What is ananya prema?

Great Rasika Saints, including Sage Narada who is a descension of God have said, "The nature of prema or divine love can never be described in words." Just as God is beyond words, so is prema

What is the difference between prema and kamana?

Although both appear to be similar, they are actually totally opposite. The result of prema is the attainment of unlimited divine knowledge, divine love and Goloka, the divine abode of Shri Krishna. On the other hand, the result of kamana or worldly desires is the attainment of endless suffering due to triguna, tridosha, panchaklesha, panchakosha and rebirth in the 8.4 million species of life. We therefore incorrectly use the word prema to express what are in reality our worldly attachments. Prema is like the shining sun whereas kamana can be compared to pitch darkness. 

To conclude, we can say that love for the world is kamana and love for God is prema

How can one attain God's love?

God has innumerable powers of which the power of love is supreme. It governs all other powers. All other powers are under the control of God. But the power of love is a power that controls God. No amount of effort in the form of yoga, yajna, japa, tapa or puja will make it possible for you to receive God's love. It is possible only by the grace of God and Guru.


Original answers given in Hindi by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


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