Divine Quest, 11

What is bhajan?

Bhajan is nothing but service of your Beloved God and Guru. You can truly serve your Beloved only when you love Him intensely. Love becomes intense when the feeling of belonging to Him gets stronger. This feeling of belongingness is considered strong only when you stop thinking about your happiness and think instead about how best to serve your Beloved. This is sadhana in the true sense of the word. 

How can we earn God's love?

The deeper you go into this question, the closer you reach God's love. When the yearning with which this question is being asked reaches a stage where it will be near impossible to check the longing for God's love, you will automatically get it.

How can the intensity of God's love be increased?

God's love increases constanly. No external effort is needed. If it is not increasing then it is not love; it is something else.

What should we do to ensure that our mind is drawn to God and the Saint very quickly?

For that to happen, your love for God has to be ananya. The word ananya means "no other". So your love should be exclusively devoted to God. It does not mean you should ignore your duties towards your near and dear ones - your parents, our wife, your children, and so on. You should fulfil your obligations towards them, but love only God and the Saint for they are pure while others are not. To others, who are impure, show your love outwardly through your behaviour, but without any attachment, like play-acting. Just as in our social behaviour we show our love and affection to someone's child by tapping on his cheeks tenderly and talking to him childishly. It makes the mother of that child happy, when actually we only pretend.

In the same way, show your love to your family members in your outward behaviour and discharge your duties towards them, but you should love only God and Guru. By doing so your mind will quickly become drawn towards them and to that extent your mind will be pure. This alone is the indicator to use as you proceed further.


Original answers given in Hindi by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


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