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How does one direct their desires for the world towards God?

There are five kinds of desires relating to our five senses, namely the desire to hear, see, smell, taste and touch. If these five desires are for material objects they will further increase our attachment to the world, resulting in making the mind more impure which will then act as a barrier on the path of devotion. If all these five desires are directed towards Shri Krishna, i.e. the desire to see Him, touch Him, hear Him, and so on, it will help to purify our mind because God is divine, possessing the power to purify even the pure. By engaging in sankirtan of the names, forms, lilas, attributes and devotees of God your worldly desires will slowly convert into desires for God and all that is related to Him.  

What is the importance of tattva jnana in the process of our sadhana bhakti?

I have explained this many times, but you people fail to revise or contemplate and therefore you tend to forget everything. If you can remember tattva jnana (philosophy) at all times, you are unlikely to commit sin. Even if your mind does wander towards the world or bad thoughts, you will immediately remember that Shri Krishna is sitting inside of you, noting your every thought. You even tend to hide things from your Guru and therefore commit sins by maintaining privacy. However, this privacy is ruining you because you fail to believe that God is omnipresent. If you believe it, you will realise God.

Thus, tattva jnana is extremely important. Do not be careless in this regard and do not consider it to be of less importance. There are several topics related to tattva jnana, such as what is raag-dvesh, panchmahabhut, abhinivesh and so on. However, you need only remember three main points: sambandh, abhideya and prayojan. What is our relationship with Shri Krishna? What should we do to establish and complete that relationship and what is the aim behind what we are doing? As your tattva jnana deepens, you will keep moving closer to God.


Original answers given in Hindi by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj 

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