These smaller books contain extracts from transcripts of different discourses given in Hindi by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj that relate to a topical theme or issue relevant to people and circumstances today. These transcripts originate from the audio recordings of the discourses and were compiled by devotees. Any published English translation written by devotees is shown after the Hindi original. 

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Always Remember

Inspirational sayings

Atma Kalyana

Instructions for daily living

Atma Nirikshan

A guide to self-analysis

Atma Raksha

Avoid making the mind more worldly

Bhakti Ki Adharshila

Humility is the foundation of devotion


The true nature and purpose of charity

Why Charity

The true nature and purpose of charity

Dainika Prarthana

Obeisance to God, Guru and the holy abodes
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