Yugala Madhuri
The Special Sweetness of the Divine Couple
Realise that God Dwells Within
He is noting our every thought and organising the consequences we will receive . . .
Divine Quest
Tattva jnana is extremely important. Do not be careless in this regard . . .
Knowing the Self
Our true “I” or self is the soul which has two qualities . . .
Don't Delay, Part 2
The mind is like a monkey . . .
Prayerful Conversations
Devotional Sentiments of Humility
Ever Increasing Love
Love is that which always keep on increasing every moment.
Don't Delay
Don’t say or think, I will do it later . . .
The Eleven Companions
When we came into this world, God gave us eleven companions; these eleven companions work in a disciplined and systematic manner.
The Supreme Soul
The Supreme Soul of all souls is Paramatma; He eternally remains with the soul, regardless of the life form it enters.