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Listen to what happened when Lord Narsimha appeared

Lord Narsimha appears

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Lord Nrisimha Avataar Secrets

Nrisimha Avataar secrets

Among the numerous captivating anecdotes narrated by Shri Maharaj Ji, one of the most quoted instances is when Lord Nrisimha descended on earth and His conversation with the beloved devotee Prahlada. The enthralling part of the story is how a small child confronts the Lord over a boon and eventually leaves Him speechless and mesmerized. Although we may have heard it many times, each time we do we find a new dimension to it. Through this one episode of God's incarnation, Shri Maharaj Ji has explained many spiritual principles that are the tenets of devotion and must be assimilated and practiced by spiritual aspirants.

1. God is all-pervading, He is present even in an inanimate stone pillar, and that too, in the palace of a demon! A true illustration of प्रभु व्यापक सर्वत्र समाना, "God is present equally everywhere."

2. No one is immortal, everyone has to leave this body. The mighty demon Hiranyakashipu had the strength of thousands of elephants, so much so that a single strike with his club shattered a huge stone pillar of his palace. Moreover, he asked Brahma for a boon that would make him nearly invincible, yet he had to leave his body.

3. Human intellect is limited. The demon applied all his might and intelligence to ask for a boon from Brahma, but could he surpass the all-knowing, all-mighty, all-pervading God? Even if we applied the greatest of our intellects, still we cannot think beyond the material world with our material intellect.

4. God is full of conflicting dualities. He is both extremely fearsome and extremely calm at the same time.

उग्र भी कृष्ण हैं गोविंद राधे।
लक्ष्मी भी डरीं नरसिंह ते बता दे॥ ७०५७॥
अनुग्र नरसिंह  गोविंद राधे।
प्रह्लाद हित अति शान्त बता दे॥ ७०५८॥    (राधा गोविन्द गीत)

5. Devotion makes one fearless. Even celestials are terrified of God, Prahlada with child-like innocence approached Him boldly. Although many gods and goddesses, Brahma, Vishnu, Shankara  and the likes, had appeared to welcome and offer their obeisance to God, no one had the courage to face this ferocious manifestation. Even God's consort, Lakshmi, refused to lead the congregation. Eventually, Prahlada took the lead. There was one lion outside and one inside Prahlada's heart!

6. Devotion imposes no age restrictions. Bhakti can be practiced at any age, in fact, the sooner the better. That is what Prahlada preached to his demon friends at the age of four.

कौमार आचरेत्प्राज्ञो धर्मान्भागवतानिह ।
दुर्लभं मानुषं जन्म तदप्यध्रुवमर्थदम् ॥    (भागवत 7.6.1)

He was a disciple of Sage Narada who had graced Prahlada with complete knowledge of the scriptures.

स्मरण भक्ति द्वारा गोविंद राधे।
प्रह्लाद ने लक्ष्य पाया बता दे॥ ४०७०॥    (राधा गोविन्द गीत)

7. Never ask God for anything, if one does he is no less than a businessman.

यस्त आशिष आशास्ते न स भृत्यः स वै वणिक्‌॥     (भागवत 7.10.4)

Prahlada says, “O my Lord! A servant who asks for anything from his master is no servant; he is a mere businessman. The word servant implies doing service, the service of the Lord. A true servant engages selflessly in the service of his master. If he wishes to ask for something, he behaves like a master instead." Who can know our requirements better than the all-knowing omnipresent God, who is constantly watching sitting right inside us?

कामना ने तोहिं मारा गोविंद राधे।
तू भी कामनाओं को मारि के दिखा दे॥ ५२०४॥
मन को ऐसा बना गोविंद राधे।
कामना का कछु रहे काम ना बता दे॥ ५२०५॥
प्रह्लाद वर माँगा गोविंद राधे।
माँगने की मेरी कामना मिटा दे॥ ५२०६॥
हरि यदि पूछें का दें गोविंद राधे।
हरि को बता दे गोपीप्रेम दिला दें॥ ५२०७॥    (राधा गोविन्द गीत)

8. If one gives up all his desires, he equals God.

विमुञ्चति यदा कामान्मानवो मनसि स्थितान् ।
तर्ह्येव पुण्डरीकाक्ष भगवत्त्वाय कल्पते ॥     (भागवत 7.10.9)

जीव तो सदा ही गोविंद राधे।
माया ग्रह ते गृहीत है बता दे॥ ४१२७॥

कृष्णग्रह लगे जब गोविंद राधे।
माया ग्रह तब ही छोड़े बता दे॥ ४१२८॥

प्रह्लाद बालक गोविंद राधे।
कृष्णरूपीग्रह ते थे ग्रस्त बता दे॥ ४१२९॥    (राधा गोविन्द गीत)

9. Once a desire arises, it makes one insane. Such a person then resorts to telling lies and performing all sorts of sinful acts in order to fulfil his desire.

इन्द्रियाणि मनः प्राण आत्मा धर्मो धृतिर्मतिः।
ह्रीः श्रीस्तेज स्मृतिः सत्यं यस्य नश्यन्ति जन्मना॥    (भागवत 7.10.8)

“The growth of desires in the mind causes the destruction of all noble faculties of man – the strength of his senses, his mind, his vital energy, and of his body. He loses his sense of righteousness, determination, understanding, good fortune, modesty, prowess, memory, and adherence to truth.”

10. Only the mind is the doer and cause of all attachments. Internally Prahlada was a renunciate, but following God's instructions, he ruled for 306,720,000 years and carried out his worldly duties externally.

हरिभक्त हो के गोविंद राधे।
ध्रुव प्रह्लाद आदि राज्य करा दे॥ २०८१॥

नृसिंह प्रह्लाद ते गोविंद राधे।
एक मन्वन्तर तक राज्य करा दे॥ २०८२॥    (राधा गोविन्द गीत)

11 Nrisimha's avatar was the fourteenth incarnation of God.

चौदहवाँ तो है गोविंद राधे।
अवतार नरसिंह  रूप बता दे॥ ६८८०॥    (राधा गोविन्द गीत)

Shri Maharaj Ji has elaborately and in very simple, lucid poetry revealed the secret of God's avatars in Radha Govind Geet.


जय जय नरसिंह अवतार की
जय जय प्रह्लाद कुमार की।

जय जय निज जन रखवार की
जय प्रेम ह्लादिनी सार की।

जय जय नर हरि सरकार की
जय जय भक्तन सरदार की।

(ब्रज रस माधुरी-1)