Bhakti Shatak (E)

Hundred Gems of Divine Love
Principles of bhakti encapsulated in 100 verses
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Pages: 208

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj elucidates the path of bhakti yoga in one hundred couplets, encapsulating the essence of the Vedas and Upanishads, along with the devotional theme of the Bhagavatam, in a very succinct and lyrical manner.

The couplets begin by establishing Shri Radha as the Supreme Entity and the very soul of the Supreme Soul, Shri Krishna. All aspects of God are delineated, including His innumerable energies and attributes, in such a masterly way that even a newcomer to spiritual subjects will find himself interested in the true meaning of spirituality, devotion and roopdhyan on God. The text culminates to reveal that God is bound by love, and it is through love alone that He can be attained, and we will be eternally happy. The only path to know Him - the path of bhakti yoga - is beautifully described in the simplest possible manner.

My Bhakti Shatak is a veritable divine lake, filled with the nectarine bliss of divine love. O Fortunate Readers! Dive deep like swans and drink this sweetest of the sweet nectar.

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Available in English with Kripalu Ji Maharaj’s own explanations included.

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