Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj extracted the essence of divine knowledge from the fathomless ocean of the scriptures and presented it to us in a clear and comprehensible manner 

His writings composed exclusively in Hindi present the essence of eternal Vedic philosophy that dates back many thousands of years. The depth of the principles enunciated is beyond anyone's imagination. The validity of these unique compositions transcends time, culture and religion, and shall always be relevant and applicable for thousands of years to come. The work is presented in a very simple, lucid and authoritative style, free from dogma and superstition, and enriched with examples from daily life. The aspiring devotee as well as the perfect soul will benefit in many untold ways from studying them. Some of his works have already been translated by devotees and published in other languages, including English.

His body of work has been categorised for the sake of convenience into Principal Compositions, Discourses, Compilations and Sankirtans. 


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Shri Radharani Kirti Kumari

The glory of mother Kirti and her love and affection for Shri Radha

Why Charity

The true nature and purpose of charity

Radha Govind Geet - Shri Radha Naam Mahima

The glories and unique power of the holy name
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