A Journey Towards Divine Love (8th Issue)

March 2016
The teachings and works inspired by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj
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Pages: 56

The release of A Journey Towards Divine Love is always highly anticipated, and this March 2016 issue does not disappoint. Boasting a diverse array of articles and a comprehensive summary of all JKP programmes and activities from 2015 makes this issue great reading.

You can expect to find all featured sections that you have come to enjoy in previous issues, complemented by the inclusion of three new translated speeches: Devotion and Grace, The Five Toys and Just Practice. In this discourse given on 13 August 2010, Shri Maharaj Ji reminds us all: one should speak the bare minimum and in your spare time chant Radha’s name. Just accept these two things that I am saying implicitly and practice it for ten, twenty days; a month. You will benefit tremendously from this. Just try it and see for yourself.