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Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj was the first Jagadguru to occupy the topmost position in the spiritual knowledge of, and spiritual guidance in, divine love and bliss.

While singing sankirtan, he was completely immersed in its blissfulness, and while expounding scriptural science relating to the enjoyment of the bliss of Shri Radha Krishna’s divine pastimes, he practically showed how one can relish that bliss.

Widely acclaimed all over the world for his phenomenal knowledge of scripture, Shri Maharaj Ji revealed and then explained the abstruse mysteries within raganuga bhakti embellished with madhurya bhava. He guided spiritual aspirants towards the attainment of supremely selfless devotion and service to Shri Radha Krishna.

Frequently in his holy body there was an upsurge of the eight sattvic sentiments of divine love. When overwhelmed by this love, he was elevated into the rarest ecstatic states of trance. There was an uninterrupted flow of tears from his eyes. Suddenly he may start to sway and dance in a frenzied style; sometimes he muttered something indistinct; sometimes he started to sing or laugh uncontrollably, while at other times he fell to the ground unconscious. During such occasions, the whole environment was infused with divine love. Even the most ordinary devotee could feel their heart being suffused with so much love that they were moved to tears. When Shri Maharaj Ji came back from this exalted state and regained consciousness, wiping the tears from his eyes that are still heavy with elation, he would look around with bewilderment as if he had just landed in some distasteful world. His devotees remained ever eager to see him in these elevated states of trance again and again.

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