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    Bhakti Shatak encapsulates the ocean of Vedic knowledge in a sublimely lyrical and contemporary way within 100 devotional couplets. These gems of wisdomRead More »

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    Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj consecrated himself over nine decades for the spiritual welfare and upliftment of all people. His life was his messageRead More »

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Prem Bhiksham Dehi

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj has meticulously extracted the essence of the world’s great spiritual teachings, the very nectar of wisdom permeating the vast ocean that is our scriptural heritage, and presented this profound knowledge before us within the context of this seemingly simple Daily Prayer.

However, this is no ordinary prayer just to be mindlessly recited with the tongue and then forgotten. This is in fact the quintessence of Shri Maharaj Ji’s entire philosophy, a complete work in itself that has been masterfully revealed for the daily application of sincere aspirants the world over.

Should one fully imbibe the beautiful sentiments being expressed here, and cry out to the Lord in all humility and with an open heart and mind, he or she will soon realise that the Daily Prayer is nothing less than a divinely inspired process for the attainment of divine love.

This publication is the elaboration of the Daily Prayer, compiled from excerpts from different discourses delivered by Shri Maharaj Ji.Read More »

Shyama Shyam Geet

Awash with the sweetest form of transcendental bliss, Shyama Shyam Geet is a unique creation of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. Each of its devotional couplets is suffused with an all-enchanting sentiment of divine love.

Shri Maharaj Ji explains that selfless devotion to Shri Radha Krishna is the easiest and best course of action open to any human being, regardless of cast, culture and so on. This incomparable work can take the sincere and dedicated spiritual aspirant on to the path of devotion.

Shyama Shyam Geet contains the most intimate loving pastimes of Shri Radha Krishna presented in the form of 1008 couplets. The elegant depictions of those various delightful pastimes of Shri Radha Krishna simply inundate the heart and mind with abundant love for Shri Radha Krishna. In addition, the relational doctrinal aspects have also been dealt with.

This beautifully presented, sweet and devotional text is something all seekers of divine love will re...
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-- Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj
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One of the most important requirements for spiritual progress is single-minded devotion to God, i.e. ananyata. Ananya means "no other", exclusive or undivided devotion. Ananya prem means to love just one - God and nobody else. We have learnt earlier that there are three eternal truths: God, soul and maya. If a soul does not love God, then which "other" entity ...
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Shri Maharaj Ji
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Latest Books

Delusive Nature of Material Happiness

When you are thirsty you love water, but not when your thirst is quenched. A lustful man longs for a woman, but then that lustful craving is absent, that same woman becomes burdensome. This fact is experienced by everyone, but no one actually bothers to reflect on it. No one bothers to analyse the delusive nature of material happiness. It is obvious that there is not a trace of happiness in any object in the world. Whatever we experience is the deceptive result of our own imagination.

Philosophy of Divine Love, pg. 76
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj
Hindi: http://www.jkpliterature.org.in/Book/BookDetails.aspx?BookID=21
English: http://www.jkpliterature.org.in/Book/BookDetails.aspx?BookID=37

Our Beloved Spiritual Master 5 October 1922  -  15 November 2013

A Tribute to Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

The poet behind the poetry is gone, and the sun of literature is no more. The knower and the connoisseur of litterateurs is also gone. Shri Shri 1008 Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj was a Brahmin Vedacharya, a personality with an extraordinary stature; a profound scholar, a generous philanthropist and a treasure of knowledge . . . such a great yogi, saint, scholar, householder and the veritable ocean of knowledge is worth emulating by social reformers, saints, yogis, learned people and householders alike. His creations and personality are sources of inspiration for humankind as a whole. 

Shri Maharaj Ji proved that he was a great scholar among scholars. He was a profound scholar and great sage: an ayurvedacharya, chaturvedacharya and jyotishacharya, and the most extraordinary personality on earth, who is worthy of emulation by all. He devoted his entire life to champion the cause of religion . . .

Shri Balmukund Sharan Vedacharya Ji Maharaj
Mahant Shri 1008 Vyakhyan Martand Saraswati Putra
Peethadhipati, Gopal Bagh

Lila Samvaran: The Disappearance of Jagadguruttam

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