Kripalu Bhaktiyoga Tattvadarshan
Jagadguru Kripalu Bhaktiyoga Tattvadarshan

Dear Reader, 

All my works collectively known as Bhaktiyoga Tattvadarshan are based on the philosophy enunciated in the Vedas, Puranas and other scriptures. 

The principles declared in our scriptures are mostly aimed at the attainment of the four objects of human life: dharma (righteousness), artha (material prosperity), kama (desire of sensual enjoyment) and moksha (liberation). However, in my compositions I have focused mainly on a fifth object - panchama purushartha - the divine love of Shri Radha Krishna. It is because of the fact that these four objects are already within purushartha chatushtaya and are therefore attainable through the grace of Shri Krishna. It is the objective of attaining divine love that is the most important. 

Almost all the previous Jagadgurus expressed their views through commentaries in Sanskrit, but keeping in mind the situation of the present day, I have chosen to express my views in the more widely understood language of Hindi, mixed with some Braja and other dialects so that people in general can be benefited.  

The spiritual preceptors of ancient times had also given diksha to rightful claimants, but now all and sundry are being given an initiatory mantra. I have refrained from doing this. In my opinion, attainment of bliss is naturally the goal of all living beings. In fact, bliss and Shri Krishna are synonymous and as such, all living beings belong to the sampradaya (disciplic succession) of Shri Krishna. The other sampradaya is that of maya to which people, out of ignorance, want to belong. 

I will feel privileged if you have benefited in some way from my works. If any of you have felt hurt by anything I have said, I hope you will forgive me.


Jagadguru Kripalu

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