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These messages revealed by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj are outpourings of love mixed with timeless wisdom. This section of the website is in fact its heart, for one can quickly see and read the very essence of Jagadguru Kripalu Bhaktiyoga Tattvadarshan, and that too explained in Shri Maharaj Ji's own words. 

If followed earnestly, these eternal tenets can change your life forever. 

Kripalu Trayodashi

The thirteen verses of Kripalu Trayodashi written by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj are the essence of all Vedic scripture. They reveal in a sequential manner how to attain the ultimate aim of life. Brahm, jeev, maya tatva, Govinda Radhey
brahm, jiva, maya tatva, govinda radhe,
teenon hain anadi ananta bata de.
(1) There are three eternal entities: God, the individual souls and maya. They have no beginning and they will have no end. They have always been in existence and they will always remain in existence. Brahm, jeev, maya tatva, Govinda Radhey
brahm jiva chetana, govinda radhe,
brahm shakti jiva yate ansha bata de.
(2) Supreme God and the indidividual souls are chetana, live. In gist, this means they have senses, mind, intellect, physical form and they perform actions. The soul is not independent, it is a power of God and as such, it is called a part or ansha of God. Read More »

 Jagadguru Adesha
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Jagadguru Adesha Your ultimate goal is the attainment of divine love of
Shri Krishna and His eternal service.
This divine love can be attained only through the grace of your Guru.
The grace of your Guru will be attained upon complete purification of the heart.
The purification of the heart is only possible through devotional practice as
instructed by your Guru.

Sadhana Shed tears of longing for the divine vision and divine love of
Shri Radha Krishna, singing the glories of Their
names, qualities, pastimes, etc.
along with rupadhyana (mental visualisation of the divine forms of Shri Radha Krishna).
You are free to choose any form,
but whatever form you meditate on, you must feel that it is divine.
Always feel the presence of Lord Krishna with you.
Abandon all desires up to the desire for liberation.
Practice devotion only with the desire of attaining selfless divine love.
Develop strong faith that Shri Krishna alone is mine and intensify your yearning for Him.
Avoid committing spiritual transgressions such as fault finding, etc.
and consider each moment of this human life to be invaluable.

I will always be there to guide you. Yours,

 Priceless Treasure in Ten Points
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Priceless Treasure in Ten Points
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj
  1. Shri Krishna and bliss are synonymous. Every person in the world desires only bliss. In other words, he is a servant of bliss, and therefore unknowingly, a servant of Shri Krishna.
  2. Shri Krishna (divine bliss) can be attained only through bhakti yoga, which is popularly known as navadha bhakti, the nine processes of devotional practice.
  3. It is only by devotional practice that the heart becomes pure and then one can attain the divine love of Shri Krishna.
  4. It is impossible to attain divine qualities such as truth and non-violence, etc. without purification of the heart.
  5. Every devotional practice is related only to the mind. Any spiritual discipline practiced merely with the senses is not spiritual discipline at all.
  6. The consequences of love and hate in the material world are the same, therefore, true detachment can be attained only by being neutral.
  7. The perfection of spiritual life is to perceive Shri Krishna in all objects of the world, animate as well as inanimate.
  8. Although the human body is invaluable, it is transient. Therefore, to procrastinate in devotional practice even for a moment is the greatest loss.
  9. To see faults in others is the surest proof that we possess faults ourselves.
  10. Spiritual practice is possible only under the guidance of a true Saint or Spiritual Master.
 O My Dear Devotees!
O My Dear Devotees!
  1. Sit down for devotional practice with all your attention focused on it. In case you begin to feel lethargic, just stand up. Take care that you have thoughts of Shyamasundara and nothing else in your mind.
  2. Sing the glories and meditate on the qualities of Shri Krishna. There is no denying the fact that it is the quality of a person that captivates the mind of the beholder. Just as one is charmed by the beauty of a woman (as physical beauty is a quality too) or is attracted to a person for his magnanimity, Shri Krishna has infinite qualities. For example, He is the redeemer of sinners, the saviour of the fallen and is full of love and affection for His devotees, etc. which is what you need to concentrate on.
  3. Only singing the glories of His qualities will not help. This is what professional singers are already doing, but they do not realise God. In fact, singing without the corresponding feelings of humility and deep emotions of love can never be spiritually beneficial. Therefore, while singing His glories, do not forget to feel that you are lowly and fallen, carrying the load of countless sins accumulated over endless lifetimes, and that He is causelessly merciful, kind to devotees and the saviour of the fallen and mean, etc.
  4. Why do you feel sleepy during sankirtan sessions? It is because you do not involve your mind in practicing rupadhyana of Shri Krishna. You do not love Shyamasundara and that is why the heart does not melt while singing His glories, as a result of which, you start feeling drowsy.
  5. Rupadhyana is absolutely essential. Without practicing it, any physical activity will not help you achieve your goal.
  6. Close your eyes while you practice rupadhyana. In the initial stage, if you chant with your eyes open, you may get distracted by people passing by.
  7. For rupadhyana you can visualise Lord Krishna in any form you like. You can visualise Him as a child, an adolescent or a youth. He will appear before you in the same form that you choose. But those who do rupadhyana or meditate on God after they have seen Him, will turn non-believer or atheist, because your material eyes can only see a material form of God and not His divine form. chidanandamaya deha tumhari,
    vigat vicar jaan adhikaari.
    The form of God is divine and blissful which cannot be seen with material eyes. You require divine vision to see His divine form for which you have to become eligible.
  8. While practicing rupadhyana, visualise any pastime of Shri Radha Krishna of your own choice and create an intense restlessness and longing for a divine tryst with Them within yourself. Shed tears inconsolably. However, do not consider your tears to be true until Shyamasundara appears in person to wipe your tears with His yellow garment. Create a yearning within yourself of such vehemence as would give rise to a fierce showdown between your cascading eyes and your life force, and every passing second would seem to you as an entire age. If however, He does not appear, you should not despair nor should you bear any negative thoughts towards your Beloved Shri Krishna
  9. In order to gain the full benefit of your devotional practice, you should always feel the presence of your Guru and God by your side as sakshi (all-observing) and antaryami (pervading the inner self).
  10. Always remember that you should observe the vow of silence.

Message Cards

The Message Cards are examples of the invaluable teachings of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj presented in his own hand writing. Beautifully designed, these unique cards will be treasured by all.

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