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Daily Prayer Show in Hindi
Daily Prayer
I offer my humble salutations to my Guru and to my Beloved Shri Radha Krishna

“Know the Guru to be Myself. Never think unfavourably about him. Do not use your material mind to comprehend his divine actions, for all forms of God dwell in the Guru." (Bhagavatam, 11.17.27)

O Most Loving One, the Lord of All, my Beloved Krishna! As a result of being turned away from You for innumerable lives, I have undergone untold suffering and misery.

Committing sins endlessly, my heart and mind have become polluted to such an extent, that in spite of being told by Your Rasika Saints, that You have been eagerly awaiting for me, with arms outstretched and eyes so full of love and affection, I still fail to take Your shelter.

O Protector of the Unprotected! No one can know You without Your grace.

O Causelessly Merciful Shri Krishna! O Saviour of the Fallen! Shower your grace and accept me as Your own.

O Ocean of Compassion! I neither desire worldly pleasures nor liberation. My only desire is to possess selfless LOVE of Your's.

O my Dear Lord! You being causelessly merciful, have mercy on me. Please do not disappoint me, though I am the most fallen of all.

O Lord of my life! I am totally broken now and have no more strength left. Without Your LOVE, my life is more miserable than death. Please come to me and bless me with Your LOVE. Bless me O Lord. Bless me O Lord, with Your LOVE.

All glories to the Supreme Lord Rama!
All glories to the Supreme Lord Krishna!
All glories to the all gracious Master!

All glories to Shri Radhe! All glories to Shri Radhe! All glories to Shri Radhe!

 O Refuge of Destitute Souls!
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O Refuge of Destitute Souls! O my beloved, all-gracious Master! O protector of the unprotected, I beseech you.
Shower your grace upon this servant of yours.
I pray that I may reside in your divine abode forever.

Only the most humble are truly blessed for they live under your protection always.
Then what should I do, for I am the personified form of absolute pride!
O my Lord Kripalu! I only seek your causeless grace; please make me humble so that I too may have a permanent place at your lotus feet.

I know you are the saviour of the fallen, but what about those
who do not even accept themselves to be fallen? O my dear Lord! I fall into this category.
If you can just go out of your way and purify me, I will then wholeheartedly accept you
to be the redeemer of the fallen.

Everyone is a beggar in this world begging for love.
O my Lord! You alone are the treasure house of that infinite love.

Dainik Prarthna,
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

 Aarti Madhuri
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Yugala Sarkar (Arati) I perform the (arati) of my Beloveds – Banavari (He who resides in the forest of Vrindavana) and Nathavari (She who wears a beautiful nose-ring).

Beautiful crowns of gold are glittering on Their heads and beautiful earrings are dangling from Their ears. The nectar of divine love is brimming in Their eyes. Their sidelong glances are piercing, Their eyes are full of the nectar of divine love and Their voices are extremely sweet and melodious. Both of Them steal the heart of Kamadeva, the god of beauty.

I sacrifice myself on the bewitching way They glance at each other. The beauty of Their dangling curly hair is exceptional. The flirtatious movements of Their eyebrows is extremely sweet. The redness of the pana in Their mouths, Their smiles and laughter and the glitter of Their beautiful teeth is extraordinary. The besaras that are dangling from Their noses are adding great charm to this beautiful scene.

A yellow silken cloth is fluttering on Shri Krishna’s beautiful broad chest, whereas an exquisite blue sari is shimmering on Shri Radha’s bosom. Necklaces of pearls are swaying on Their chests. The clinking of Their bracelets, the jingling of the kinkinis on Their hips and the tinkling of the anklets produce a sweet melody that is most pleasing to the heart.

A crest of peacock feathers adorns Shyamasundara’s head whereas an exquisite chunari covers Shri Radha’s. Their heads are inclined towards each other in an enchanting manner. Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says, “Ladali-Lala are accompanied by Their confidential associates, the sakhis of Braja. They have Their arms around each other’s neck in loving embrace and Their eyes are locked in the rapture of mutual love.” Prema Rasa Madira (2.2)
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

 Siddhant Madhuri
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I have seen something astonishing in Braja! The same Supreme Lord, who remains silent after hearing His praises recited in the great Vedic verses, chooses to respond to the calves of Gokula in their own tongue. The same Supreme Person, who is hesitant to appear in the divine trance of Lord Shankara as his Master, joyfully goes to the homes of His devotees, the gopis of Braja, to hear their taunts and insults! “The jnanis who make such tremendous effort to attain the Impersonal Brahm,” says Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, “are abashed to see the actions of their Object of Worship in response to the love of His devotees.”
Prema Rasa Madira (3.1)
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

 Dainya Madhuri
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O Dinadayala! You are the only recourse for the utterly helpless. Worldly parents, children and spouses are one’s companions only in good times, but You fulfilled the desires of even a hunchbacked woman like Kubja, transforming her into a beautiful woman. In return for two handfuls of rice from Sudama, You granted him the opulence of two worlds (the earth and the celestial abodes). You stood by the Pandavas even during their period of exile, when they had absolutely nothing! Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says, “Who can be more merciful than You? You granted the status of a mother in Your abode, to the demoness Putana, who came to You with the intention of killing You!” Prema Ras Madira (4.1)
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

 Sadguru Madhuri
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My Divine Master has immersed me in such bliss, that the four aims of human existence, dharma (the fulfillment of scripturally prescribed duties), artha (the pursuit of wealth), kama (the fulfillment of sensual desires) and moksha (liberation) seem dull and lacklustre in comparison. What more can be said, even the bliss of Vaikuntha (where the four-armed form of Vishnu resides in all His majesty) does not appeal to me, even in my dreams. All that is endearing to me are two Personalities – the playfully mischievous Nandanandana and the supremely innocent Shri Radha. By my Master’s grace, I am relishing the exquisite nectar of the rasa while roaming in the lanes of Braja. Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says, “It is impossible for me to free myself from the debt of such a Divine Master, even if I were to endeavour for countless ages.” Prema Rasa Madira (1.1)
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

 Guru Dham Mahima
All Glories to the Guru's Abode O my mind! It is only due to the causeless grace of the Guru and your countless virtuous actions that one is blessed with a place in the abode of the Guru.

Reside there in utmost humility and remain fully devoted to your Guru. Be always engrossed in his loving service, with the sole aim to please him.

Your mind should be ever absorbed in the loving remembrance of both Guru and God, while your tongue should constantly sing their glories.

Be continuously aware of the transient nature of this human life, and firmly resolve not to waste even a single moment.

In comparison to Vrindavana, all holy places hold no value because this is the land where Shri Krishna performed His sweet pastimes. But, even Vrindavana’s significance diminishes in comparison to the Guru’s abode.

If you have true love for the lotus feet of your Guru, the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna cannot resist gracing you with His presence.

The Supreme Lord accepts only those pure in heart, but my causelessly merciful Guru gathers all into his loving embrace, regardless of being fallen or pure.

I doubt whether there is anyone so fortunate who has been blessed to have a Guru like me. Indeed, how fortunate I am to have ‘Kripalu’, the Embodiment of Grace, as my Spiritual Master.

Dainik Prarthna,
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj
What is Daily Prayer?
Our benevolent Spiritual Master has meticulously extracted the essence of the world’s great spiritual teachings, and presented this profound knowledge before us, within the context of this seemingly simple Daily Prayer.
This is no ordinary prayer but the quintessence of Shri Maharaj Ji’s entire philosophy, a complete work in itself that has been masterfully revealed for the daily application of any sincere aspirant. It is nothing less than a divinely inspired process for the attainment of divine love.
Therefore, one should fully imbibe these beautiful sentiments and cry out to the Lord in humility, with an open heart and mind.
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