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Sunahu Sadhak Pyare

Sunahu Sadhak Pyare
Item Number :JKBT-BH-028
Language :Hindi
Category: DiscoursesISBN: 978-93-80661-06-3
Book Cover: Paperback

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A Look Inside
Sunahu Sadhak Pyare

In the beautiful devotional song, Sunahu Sadhak Pyare from Yugal Madhuri, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj miraculously condenses the entire philosophy of the scriptures like one would contain the ocean in a small vessel. If a reader can genuinely understand and then sincerely follow what is being revealed in this song, they need do nothing else to attain their cherished goal of divine love.

In November 2002, Shri Maharaj Ji delivered a series of five discourses elaborating...

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Sunahu Sadhak Pyare
A condensed version of spiritual philosophy.

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