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Danamekam Kalau Yuge

Danamekam Kalau Yuge
Item Number :JKBT-BH-262
Language :Hindi
Category: CompilationISBN: 978-93-80661-73-5
Book Cover: Paperback

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A Look Inside
Danamekam Kalau Yuge

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj was a living form of altruism, who vividly explained the importance of charity so that people of this age could practically follow this Vedic principle: danamekam kalau yuge, charity is the only way in this age of Kali.

To this end, Shri Maharaj Ji instigated numerous charitable projects for the welfare and betterment of society, thereby creating opportunities for people to utilise their money by contributing generously to those projects....

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Danamekam Kalau Yuge
Inspiring passages concerning the importance of charity.

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