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Narad Bhakti Darshan

Narad Bhakti Darshan
Item Number :JKBT-BH-015
Language :Hindi
Category: DiscoursesISBN: 978-93-80661-14-8
Book Cover: Paperback

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A Look Inside
Narad Bhakti Darshan

The best and simplest path to attain God-realisation in this age is the path of bhakti or devotion. Sage Narada is considered the foremost acharya or spiritual teacher on the subject of bhakti. In his eighty-four aphorisms entitled "Narad Bhakti Darshan", he has revealed the very essence of bhakti from all the Vedic scriptures. However, only a divine personality can truly understand and explain the subtle meanings of these aphorisms. It is said that only a Rasika Saint can understand...

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Narad Bhakti Darshan
Revealing the subtleties of Sage Narads aphorisms on devotion.

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