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Maharaas Adhikari

Maharaas Adhikari
Item Number :JKBT-BH-013
Language :Hindi
Category: DiscoursesISBN: 978-93-80661-09-04
Book Cover: Paperback

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A Look Inside
Maharaas Adhikari

Who can possibly understand the divine secrets of the lilas of the infinitely beautiful and blissful Brother of Balaram, the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna? These supremely blissful lilas take place within the domain of the divine kingdom, and are beyond the comprehension of the material mind and intellect. Just as God is divine, so are His lilas. His most intimate and blissful lilas enacted with the gopis remain the most mysterious to all.

About 5000 years ago, the Stealer...

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Maharaas Adhikari
The secrets of the divine dance of Shri Radha Krishna with deserving souls.

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