Practical Sadhana
How one puts into practice the scriptural principles they have learned is presented and discussed in these articles, including the guidelines to practice devotion to God exclusively and selflessly.
Two Kinds of People
The soul’s nourishment is devotion to God - the true wealth.Read more »
Why does God Descend?
There are innumerable descensions of God that take place, yet this question arises. Read more »
Dangers of Asking God for Worldly Things
When our goal itself is not right, then how can we correctly practice devotion?Read more »
Divine Works of God and Guru
We cannot grasp divine subjects with our material mind.Read more »
Prema Rasa Siddhanta
Prema Rasa SiddhantaLanguage :English
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Prema Rasa Madira (Vol. I - III)
Prema Rasa Madira (Vol. I - III)Language :English
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