Journey Towards Our Beloved
The Internal Machinery
The mind, intellect and ego collectively; everything depends upon this machinery. Read more »
My Beloved is Shri Krishna of Vrindavan
Our chosen form of God we worship should be that form which gives the highest bliss.Read more »
darasa kaba daihau nandakishora
The Special Sweetness of Devotional HumilityRead more »
atma ki atma hain govind radhe, vehi ek tera nitya sanga nibha de
God eternally remains with the soul, regardless of the life form it enters.Read more »
Prema Rasa Siddhanta
Prema Rasa SiddhantaLanguage :English
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Prema Rasa Madira (Vol. I - III)
Prema Rasa Madira (Vol. I - III)Language :English
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